It is through innovation that we are able to solve many problems that our world faces, from climate change to environmental pollution. One incredible way that humans have been able to resolve the massive plastic waste is through recycling.

Recycling Plastic

There are literally millions of tons of plastic lying around the world, from oceans to land it is everywhere. We need plastic yet at the same time it has created such havoc to the environment.

Plastic waste are responsible for the disruption of our ecosystem, from wildlife to plants, it has caused mayhem to all life on the planet. Until we devised an excellent way to utilize such waste.


In order to produce other products such as ‘polystyrene straps’ first the plastic waste is collected. The plastic waste first needs to be gathered, packaged and transported to a recycling factory. Then the plastic waste is fed into a machine that breaks down the plastic into small flakes.

From the flakes it is then converted to ‘polystyrene strap’ through a series of process.

Polystyrene strap

Polystyrene strap is an extremely rigid item of plastic. It can be used in a wide variety of cargo packages from light cargo to heavy ones. Suitable for all kinds of packing process, as it is very flexible, strong, compared to other materials.

For cargo packing, the PET strap is suitable as it is very lightweight, strong and resistant to rust or damage. It can absorb shock and retain it’s tensile strength. It has more tensile strength at a fraction of a cost to other materials.

It can also be recycled again, thus being a very versatile item not only for the industry but for the environment as well.