Water Hyacinth also known as “eichhornia” belongs to the genus of aquatic flowering plants. It is a plant native to the tropical and subtropical regions, it has a reputation as an invasive species due to it’s rapid growth.

As it can grow and spread very quickly it is most suitable for it’s industrial use due to its requirement of very little resources.

Photo from flickr.com

It is infamous for it’s use as braiding material, where the dried fibers are woven or interlinked together. As for use in clothing or textile it can be blended with polyester.

Biogas – it is used as biomass and biogas due to abundant nitrogen content. A concern among society is the industrial wastewater that pollutes the environment, with it’s “bio-cleaning” properties hyacinth is excellent to remove harmful substances. It can remove arsenic from drinking water.

Among it’s numerous other uses such as fertilizer, food, it is mostly used to make handicrafts, furniture and paper.

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