A popular succulent plant species that grows in tropical climates. It is being cultivated across the world, and is enormously popular here in Bangladesh. With such popularity it is being farmed by the agriculture industry in large quantities. Significant portions are provided for the domestic market while there is great demand to export it.

Due to it’s high production efficiency huge yields of ‘aloe vera’ is produced regularly from a single plant. It is usually placed in high areas to prevent any water clogging damage, it doesn’t need any special chemicals only to protect the plant from mosquito’s.

It is consumed as mainly as a drink here in the country, although it has numerous medical uses. One of the biggest benefits of consuming aloe vera is the enormous health benefits the body gets, from reducing high blood pressure, diabetes control, weight loss, to preventing heart disease.

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From improving digestion to increasing white blood cells it improves every part of the body. Containing the most essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acid.

For medicinal product use it is used in a wide variety of beauty products, skin care, and cosmetic products. Joint pains and arthritis is treated using this amazing plant. Skin problems, allergies are also treated with the use of Aloe Vera.

With such beneficial use and it’s industrial production capacity, the plant will be in huge global demand, and the industries are taking notice of the huge potential from this wonderful plant.