Our basic needs are dependent on the infrastructure of our environment, whether it’s to deliver food, getting to schools, offices, or simply turning on the lights. When people don’t have access to proper basic needs then they feel frustrated and the energy is diverted to such problems.

This has been a problem for most ‘developing’ regions – the lack of proper infrastructure to access roads, electricity, water, food. Yet the solution is so obvious that it’s our principle philosophy our ‘mindset’ that prevents us from implementing such actions.

For the development and efficiency of our industry it is critical that important infrastructure is provided to such institutions, as they rely on such productive output to prosper society. When we look at the state of our infrastructure in developing countries especially in South Asia it is a monumental mess.

Photo from pixabay.com

Our skyline is covered with webs of wires, a work that is done by the most incompetent organizations in humanity’s history. Constant electrical malfunctions damage the work from our industry, insufficient gas, water, produce low output yet charge high costs for entrepreneurs.

As the world moves to the digital landscape we have yet to provide any telecommunications infrastructure for rural areas so they can access the internet. While it is lauded by the mobile telecom operators for giving a voice to the voiceless, access to internet remains a hindrance.

Now, providing such monumental construction is beyond the reach of any organization, yet mobile operators had figured it out. So the solution is not to demand the government to provide us such services, but the non government entities, from entrepreneurs to private companies. It is precisely because of them that we are somehow able to have such wonderful services in the odds of such difficulty.

Yet, our philosophy refuses to acknowledge the benefits the people, the innovators, private organizations have laid down for us, simply because they are in the pursuit of wealth. It is due to their pursuit of wealth that they can provide those services, which the government is disastrously failing.

For the sake of our industry, our economy, our workers, we rapidly need to develop our infrastructure, and it can be quickly done by numerous organizations that have helped other countries reach to a new level.