Textile one of the oldest crafts created by humans, it propelled our species to achieve new heights we couldn’t have imagined. It gave us shelter from the harsh weather of nature which our skin couldn’t handle. It allowed us to move into new environments, changed our perception of others, and now a symbol of our culture, history, accomplishments.

Fast forward to our modern day, it is being made in many countries, however Bangladesh is leading the world in producing such products. It is the highest export item from the country, it’s product worn all over the world.

Mughal empire established the textile industry in this region hundreds of years ago, it was the most popular sector right in the center of the capital. Now filled with machines and a huge army of workers it is going to storm the textile industry across the globe.

Women are the major workforce in this industry accounting almost eighty percent of the manpower. Working diligently, patiently, crafting each piece of cloth with precision and skill. Producing so much value that it’s efficiency is unparalleled.

Yet there is negative criticism and social stigma associated with such workers, from media and organizations they have focused mainly on the problems rather than see the positive aspect.

Photo by zakir1346 on flickr.com

Being able to work and earn a living by working in this industry has enabled millions of young women to come out of poverty. While, the focus is on working conditions and exploitation the other side is the immense economic benefit for not only the ambitious worker but for the economy as well.

There is also this campaign to increase the wages which ultimately harms only the workers. With rising costs for the production of goods, increasing wages will halt the development as trade quickly shifts to the next available offer. As the international trade shifts to new regions the industry will close and ultimately the workers will suffer.

For the young women having a profession, learning new skills, earning wages enables them to not only support themselves but to help their families as well. Economic contributions to the economy is massive as hordes of workers create more economic prosperity.

Millions of young people have been given opportunities to earn wages, learn skills that they will use in the future to contribute to the economy. Poverty can easily be tackled when people are given opportunities, opportunities are created when innovators and industries are created by entrepreneurs.