A fruit which is native to South Asia has been embraced by the whole world, it’s popularity undeniable, its taste and cultural implications too large to convey.

There is good news from the northern district of Rajshahi which has started to export its wonderful fruit to seven foreign countries. It is well known that mango’s from that part are one of the best quality and extremely tasty.

Around 2.8 tonnes of ‘Heemsagar’ and ‘Langra’ varieties mango have already been exported to various chain supermarkets in England, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, France and Russia after meeting up the local demands.*

For the export of products most of the farmers do not know the procedures or the training needed to sell items abroad. Hotex foundation together with the ‘Food and Agriculture’ organization have provided the training and guidelines needed in order for the farmers to export mangoes.

Large areas of land are covered with mango orchards as the demand for them has increased immensely. Entrepreneurs are also getting into this market as the ability to sell products abroad meant more opportunities for them.

To produce ‘pesticide-free’ and quality mangoes, farmers of the areas are using ‘fruit bagging process’ to save the fruit from the pest attack and keep the texture of the fruit fresh and natural. *

With the help from various organizations, local trade body’s, and knowledge the tools available for farmers couldn’t have been better. This will allow the development of the agriculture sector and build the economy as well.

*source: thefinancialexpress.com.bd