An innovative way to grow plants using only mineral solutions rather than soil. It saves immense resources not only for the growers but also reduces it’s impact on the environment.

Ever since our first step towards agriculture we have been able to use innovation, creativity, and tools to produce vast amounts of food in a small area of land. It is due to our hunger for knowledge, efficiency and will that we have become true masters in our environment.

With the advent of science and technology we have been able to study our environment down to the atom which enabled us to create such wonders of civilization. Once humans have figured out what truly is needed for plants then we went ahead and designed systems that give us such results.

Plants use soil, precisely because it takes in valuable nutrients from the soil uses light for photosynthesis and needs carbon dioxide to process it. Hydroponics basically accelerates this process by supplying constant nutrients to the plants, and controlling the environment most suitable for the plant’s growth.

In countries like Bangladesh where there is land shortage in relation to it’s population and demand, implementing such innovative technology could really be a boost for the ‘agriculture’ industry.

It is a smart way for growers to save gardening space and is less expensive and highly beneficial in many ways. Growers with less space can use this method to produce bigger yields in a cost-effective and ‘eco-friendly’ way.

Urban areas where there is a need for fresh produce, such system can easily be implemented in small areas. As the environment can be fully controlled using proper design and tools that is more efficient than conventional means. With the right tools a grower can produce quality yields.

Using the latest technologies and working with the environment we can not only improve our lives but for all the other animals as well. We can imagine a society where other animals can have vast areas of land for them, while we utilize a fraction of the area to meet our needs.