For our bodies we need clean healthy air, the air brings immense benefits for our body, from cooling to supplying oxygen, its essential for us without air we cannot survive. This is the same case for car engines.

Car engines need to combine the energy and air to power itself. It relies on clean air to prevent damages that occur when dust and other foreign particles enter the internal parts of the engine.

Engine air filters main objective is to prevent dirty particles from entering the engine. It works in a similar way like our body, where we have small filters in our nose to prevent dust particles from entering our lungs.

The combustion air filter prevents abrasive particulate matter from entering the engine’s cylinders, where it would cause mechanical wear and oil contamination. Over time, the air filter becomes dirty and clogged, and will need to be replaced.

The air intakes of internal combustion engines and air compressors tend to use either paper, foam, or cotton filters. Pleated paper filter elements are the nearly exclusive choice for automobile engine air cleaners, because they are efficient, easy to service, and cost-effective.

As the equipment needs to be carefully crafted and produced very efficiently, it needs proper machinery, skills, and distribution channels. Bangladesh has been manufacturing such useful products that can not only handle the local market but export to other foreign markets.