It is from the water that life was born, all organisms and living things can be traced from this life giving force. Without it no living thing can survive and it is from this life force that we get all kinds of aquatic species.

Bangladesh is a country with full of rivers, rivers run through this land like blood travelling through the body. People use the river to travel all across the country, it powers the economy, and most importantly it provides food for millions of people not only in this country but people living across the world.

Bangladesh exported 68,655 tons of fishes and fisheries, among the total export amount 31,158 tons were shrimp. Bangladesh exports fishes and fisheries products to over 50 countries of the world, including the USA, China, Japan and Russia. Renowned for its fresh tasty fishes it is popular among citizens across the globe.

With it’s high productive efficiency, enormous rivers, and a large ocean from the bay of bengal it can provide fresh fish for millions of people across the world. Fish is not only a staple but a symbol of the culture and entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to utilize wisdom from generations to combine with the latest technology to improve the fishing industry.

It’s hard work from the people, the industry and the general help from the nation, the country was ranked third in producing fish from inland water-bodies, behind China and India, according to a report of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Bangladesh is now also the fifth biggest aquaculture producer in the world.

Bangladesh collected revenue of Tk 3,845 crore ($455 million) by exporting fishes and fisheries products. As the industry grows more people will be interested in investing in such a lucrative sector that has been a cultural symbol for the country.