In our daily lives we use all kinds of tableware we use it every time we need to take meals. It has become customary to use tableware for all kinds of meals, whether it’s the main course or just desserts. Having the right kind of tableware makes a huge impact to the way we view our meals.

Ceramics is the preferred choice to use as a place to take meals, it’s composition gels well with the dish, it’s color and form makes it more appealing for any person to use it. Although we have come up with ingenious materials to be used to keep our food, there is something special when we take food from ceramic materials.

With world wide demand for this material it has become a booming industry in Bangladesh. Not only is the sector filling the local demand but it has increased it’s production to keep up with the growing global demand.

According to Bangladesh Ceramics Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BCMEA), a total of 66 ceramic manufactures are operating in the country, producing mainly tableware, tiles and sanitary ware. Of these factories, 20 are making tableware, 28 tiles, while 18 are producing sanitary ware. Investment of all the factories amounts to a total of Tk 8,616 crore ($1033 million), while about 50,000 people are directly involved in the industry. *

According to the data of Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), the industry earned more than $45.74 million through export in 2017-18 fiscal year (FY), which was $35.57 million in 2016-17 FY, and $35.32 million in 2015-16 FY.

Of different ceramic products, tableware is exported to more than 50 countries including the US, Canada, European Union countries and Australia; tiles to India, Nepal and Bhutan; and sanitary ware to the Middle East, especially to the UAE.