Leather goods are the second largest export items from Bangladesh, it has captured the world’s attention from it’s incredible products.

This industry is bustling with investment and interests, and it has captured the attention from an ambitious entrepreneur who has courageously entered this sector to make her mark. Kaniz Fatema is the founder of ‘Top Leather’ a company that produces footwear products from shoes to sandals.

Having high hopes she was determined to start in this industry, taking plenty of training courses provided by numerous organizations, she was finally able to put her plans into reality. With small amount of money she was able to start her factory with several employees located in Hazaribagh, Dhaka.

Leather industry in the country needs innovation and ambitious entrepreneurs to give boost to this sector. Considering the materials that are needed for production are easily available, it should be a priority for this industry to further develop it’s products and capture the global market.

A popular product that ‘top leather’ is producing is ‘nagra’ shoes a cultural style among South Asians it is popular among the people. With stunning design, quality products and affordable price Kaniz Fatema will be a shining example for this industry.

If you would like to get in touch with the company please see the contact details below.

Top Leather - Kaniz Fatema
Address:  107,Hazaribagh Tannery Area.Tannery. Dhaka, Bangladesh 1209 
Mobile : +88 (01688)-(153733) 
Email  : topleatherbd(@)gmail.com       
Web    : facebook.com/topleatherbd