Foundations of our modern society is built on this material, it powers our engines, roads, buildings and our lives. It is invincible to us yet it is everywhere. It is the basis for our structure, architecture, our mechanized and industrialized society.

The steel industry is a good indicator of a country’s economic progress, as most of our infrastructure, engines rely on this product. Whether it’s roads and bridges, motor vehicles and engines, or buildings it is essential to use steel.

It is a highly valued commodity due to it’s rigid tensile strength and low production cost. Due to it’s abundance and affordability it can be manufactured in large numbers. From the earth’s core the iron is extracted, it is then processed by mixing iron and carbon which gives us steel.

Heat Treatment

To improve the properties of the product it needs to go through ‘heat treatment’. The mechanical properties, tensile strength and hardness can be changed through this process. It’s important to relive the internal stresses of the metal by heating. For engines the magnetic and electric properties needs to match with the desired steel product. As for use in buildings the steel needs to be resistant to wear and corrosion.

Being a widely used product the immense benefit is it can be recycled numerous times. In fact steel is one of the most recycled item. With our ingenuity and technology we have been able to utilize a natural resource from earth to propel our civilization into the bright future ahead.

Bangladesh has bravely taken upon the production of steel, with a competitive marketplace, skilled labor force, and large investment in this sector. It will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in the global steel marketplace.