Jute is the country’s symbol, it can be used in so many products, it’s versatility, flexibility, and the range of products that can be made is truly amazing. Bangladesh is renowned for it’s jute and the incredible benefits it brings to the world.

It is an incredible natural product found in the region of South Asia, and it has caught the eye of the global marketplace. Every product is environmental friendly, it can biodegrade easily and it can be used to make a variety of products.

Bengal jute works started by young ambitious entrepreneurs by making quality jute bags. Starting their factory from a young age they have learned from their past. With little investment for the company in the early stages they grew so rapidly that they have an army of employees producing bags to keep up with the market demand.

Hard work and perseverance paid off as they are now making a variety of quality bags for the market, with strong demand from the global platform they can now focus their energy to fulfill such dream.

As jute bags have become a household name in this region they will be able to capture the global demand for using it in a variety of household and industrial use.

With such highly driven and energetic entrepreneurs in this sector it will be a boost to the industry that can make not only their dreams but a nations dream come true.

If you would like to get in contact with the company see below.

Bengal Jute Works
Address: Haze Abdullah Sarker Lane
Bangshal, Dhaka - 1100
Mobile: +88 (01724)-(03018)
Email: bengaljuteworks(@)gmail.com
Web  : facebook.com/Bengal-Jute-Works