With the advent of electricity it has drastically changed not only our lives but also the whole world. Our outlook towards life, our environment and towards other people has been completely altered.

It was the first light bulb that has set the stage towards a electrical future, where we can see light in the dark. Never imagined before that it would be easy to get light without using a lot of time and resources. Although there are parts of the world where there is no electricity we humans are working cooperatively to ensure every person will one day have access to such technology.

As electricity spread throughout the world, we have developed incredible products that can utilize such precious energy. Crown electric industries has done just that, starting its journey in 1982 it has developed incredible electrical products for Bangladesh.

With it’s energy saving bulb that uses LED, CFL it is the latest technology to be applied for use in households and industries. Energy saving bulbs consume 80% less electricity than conventional bulbs, and it produces more light.

Crown circuit breakers are excellent to be used in buildings, as they provide the essential connection between the electrical supply and the electrical usage. In regions where there is poor electricity supply such devices are critical to prevent any damage.

Our modern civilization has been made so easy that just by flicking a switch we are able to do so many things, whether its turning on the light, ringing the bell, charging our phones, or simply changing the power. With it’s high quality switches people can easily do all these kinds of work without worrying about the reliability of the product.

With its long history and reputable products it will ensure that quality products will be given to customers. If you would like to get in contact with them see below.

Crown Electric Industries
Address :  1/G, folder street, Wari Dhaka, Bangladesh 
Mobile : +88  01885-939000  
Email  : crownelectricindustries(@)gmail.com 
Web    : facebook.com/Crown-Electric-Industries