Bees buzzing around the honeycomb dripping with honey a scene common among the forest. It is a major food among many in the world, it’s taste incredible, its texture pleasing for the eye, the health benefits are numerous.

A sweetened thick layered liquid that is so delicious among all regions and race there is no doubt it is a highly cherish food. There are different varieties of honey depending on each region, as each environment will produce different plants and though the honey usually tastes sweet it will differ in taste from each region.

Bangladesh has one of the largest mangrove forest in the world, the ‘sundarbans’, the mangrove forest has immense diversity and the honey from such place is legendary. It is due to such bees that the forest thrives as they play a crucial part in the whole ecosystem.

Not only bees are responsible for the pollination but also for producing such delicacy. It is found that honey provides immense benefits for the immune system, tackles allergy and other health ailments. Even after getting injured rubbing honey on the skin provides better results.

With such fervor over a wonderful food, there is no doubt going to be a huge global marketplace for ‘pure’ honey. Bangladesh with it’s immense natural wonders, and thriving ‘agro’ industry will be able to satisfy the global demand for honey.