Paper cups we use it everywhere whether in the home, office, or parties it’s ease of use and disposable properties makes it the most suitable choice. With an ever increasing urban population and growing consumption we often have to rethink about our lives that takes into consideration of our environment.

When people work with nature then it gives us the most optimum results not only for the economy but all life forms as well. ‘KPC paper cups’ aims to do exactly that with their incredible environmental friendly paper cups and plates. With a strong dedication to provide completely biodegradable products with the highest quality it will make a huge impact for our economy.

Paper cups currently being provided by the company are extremely attractive with colorful design and adhering to the highest quality. They range from 80ml to 350ml for paper cups.

Paper plates currently being offered are ranging between 7inch to 10inch. They are rigid and can hold all kinds of food for a long time, they are well designed and in hygienic condition.

Production Capacity

KPC Paper Cups

KPC Industry can produce up to 1 crore 50 lac (15 million) pieces/month. Depending on each company’s requirement they can fulfill any specified quantity needed. Already working with major brands they have successfully met their product quality and expectation.

Environmentally friendly

Every item that is being made by the company is completely biodegradable. Base is 100% food grade poly lamination. Paper used is ‘eco-friendly’. Comfort of use, dimensional stability and the quality of item is ensured.

KPC has done incredible work for the industry, it has produced amazing quality products that not only cater for the economy but also that looks out for the environment. With it’s reputation and quick ascension it will be able to fulfill any demand from the global marketplace.

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