It is now a favored food in almost every restaurant, from pizzas to soups mushrooms have been an instant success. A fungi that produce a fleshy fruiting body, it is high in vitamin D, protein.

With such rising demand in the global market place, people have been using the latest technology to improve production and quality. It can be grown easily without much resources and it takes much less time and energy.

Cultivating mushroom is done in many different ways, depending on each environment, climate, resources. As it’s a fungi it’s different from plants and the process needs careful implementation.

First step to cultivating mushrooms includes composting. Mushroom composting needs animal waste, straw to mix and produce fertile conditions for mushrooms to thrive. A square meter of compost can yield 35 kilos of mushrooms.

The next stage includes ‘spawning’ fresh compost is pasteurized at around 50-60 degrees Celsius, a necessary step to kill all possible bacteria. It then stays in a tunnel to mature for a week, where it’s mixed with spawn. Insulating grain with spores produce spawn, companies specialize in developing spawn.

Mushrooms are now harvested by keeping them at low temperatures. It’s the temperature that signals the mycelium to start sprouting mushrooms. It can grow very fast about an inch within a week.