The apparel sector continues to strive forward in spite of all the setbacks it has endured. With an ever increasing skilled pool of workers, growing population, technological implementation it has again proved that it will be a global force.

The apparel items, the largest contributor to the national exports, earned $3.31 billion, up 9.7% from the same month of last year. Of the total, knitwear products earned $1.68 billion, up 9.89% and woven products earned $1.63 billion, up 9.51% month-on-month.*

Even though the apparel sector continues to do the impossible it must be taken into notice the need for providing the necessary facilities that has the potential to make it unbeatable. Simply providing them the basic facilities such as power, gas, roads that are needed by industrial sector is extremely crucial.

Pharmaceuticals continue the same path as apparels, with such global competition, the sector continues to produce incredible results which rose by 29.95% to $11.41 million.

Leather the immense potential of Bangladesh has been doing well this year, up by 16.39% to $106 million. With a more free and open market for this sector which will allow more competition, it will allow investors to invest in this sector, develop this sector and take it to a global force like the apparel sector.

With more business friendly policies for the export sector, such as reducing taxes, customs duty, and providing them important facilities such as uninterrupted power, gas, and enabling them to shift the goods in proper roads designed for transporting goods is needed to further improve the country export earnings.