If anyone wants to export products to abroad then it is essential that one needs to have an ‘export registration certificate’. By having the necessary licence to export products it ensures the organization is legitimate, verifiable and trustworthy for the buyer.

Exporting products can be a complicated process, where the necessary paperwork, licence, certification, and permission is necessary before a product can go to its destination.

Having an ‘export registration’ is the first step that entrepreneurs, organizations need to take before they can fulfill their operation. To get the registration they will first need to have the necessary paperwork to apply.

One can find out the necessary requirements to apply for export registration from the ‘Office of the chief controller of Imports and Exports’ (CCIE). Usually documents that are associated with the organization is needed such as trade licence, membership association, registration deed, owners passport size pictures, identification etc.

As CCIE has a website at – ccie.gov.bd one can even apply online without having to go to the office, this ensures fast and reliable service. When applying online one should fill all the necessary fields that are stated on the online application form. It is also important that when applying for an online application one needs to have the necessary paperwork (trade licence, picture, identification etc) in a jpg/pdf format.

Having this online service ensures that exporters can easily get the necessary information and get their registration quickly without having to physically go to the location. It is an essential step for organizations to have the right licence before they can start their operation.

If you would like to know more about the services from (CCIE) then see below.

Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports 
Address :  NSC Tower,Level-15
62/3,Purana Palton
Phone :  02-9553349 
Email :  controller.chief@ccie.gov.bd 
Web   :  ccie.gov.bd