Shrimp is a major commodity for exports there are millions of tons produced every year and valued at billions. A seafood with rising global demand, with an ever increasing market there is large scope for locals to get into this lucrative sector.

Majority of shrimps are produced in Asia, with its warm climate and favorable weather conditions it has become the hot spot for providing shrimp to the rest of the world.

For locals to get into this sector they must have access to quality water, here management of farming is crucial to produce large quantity shrimps at low costs. Bangladesh with it’s low lying lands and numerous rivers is an ideal place for farming, there are different ways of farming.

Most regions utilize ponds and access to fresh water to harvest as shrimps mostly feed on insect larvae, algae and other organisms. Having a diverse food source ensures there is variety for shrimps and juveniles. Juvenile shrimps need to be carefully looked after and for this a separate nursery to manage them is essential.

Supplying fresh water with enough oxygen ensures a healthy ecosystem, where they will be able to grow fast and reduce chances of illness. Proper drainage of waste is another important step that farmers need to constantly take care of to produce quality shrimps.