Whenever goods are transported to be sent overseas it needs to go through customs. Both the exporter as well as the importer will need to clear the items from customs. Each country and region has different regulations for what items that can be exported or imported.

For the manufacturer preparing the goods to be exported is extremely important, as items will need to be declared before it reaches its intended destination. Upon the rules and procedures for both the host and destination countries appropriate rules and policy must be adhered.

There are several processes that needs to be followed for exporting goods, first the packaging needs to clearly state the item description, weight, quantity, as well as the country it is destined for. It needs to follow global standards in packaging, and accurately state the contents.

When the goods reach the port, it must be declared to customs authority and having the necessary paperwork is essential. Upon the rules, there should be a purchase order or LC contract, packing list, export form, certificate of origin, and others. One can get more information about the rules from the customs site.

Specific goods need additional documents, in most cases food items need to have ‘quality control certificate’ this ensures that the items are assessed by authorities in both the host and destination countries. After going through this rigorous process the goods can be cleared to reach the hands of the consumer.

If you would like more information about customs then please check the site bangladeshcustoms.gov.bd.