Denim a product that conjures images of blue jeans, vibrant materials fitted with metallic buttons made to last a lifetime. It’s legacy has spread throughout the world, renowned for its durable material, bright color and quality.

Bangladesh has established itself to be a premier manufacturing place for denim products. It is one of the largest exporters throughout the world. As the denim export market is expected to reach $64 billion by 2020 there is no doubt it will be at the forefront of it.

RMG sector is a major employment structure for the country, providing millions of jobs to people. It helps especially people from poor background, with women making up the majority of the workforce it allows them not only to lift themselves but also to lift their families out of poverty.

Bangladesh Denim Expo offers to do that, by creating opportunities for both locals and foreign buyers. It allows buyers, suppliers, service providers to collaborate in large scale and implement the latest innovative technology into products.

Offering immense networking opportunities, foreign investment and providing a stage to demonstrate its achievements to the global market. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs can learn about the latest production process, engage with key industry players and showcase their products.

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