A fairly simple instrument that propels movement towards a destination. It is extremely popular ever more, with its long history, durability, and technological innovation the bicycle is an innovative transport vehicle that is here to stay.

There has been a surge in demand for bicycles mainly due to people being more conscious about the environment and their own health. No other transport vehicle that aids the health of the passenger as well as emit no carbon or other pollution in the environment.

With such a strong demand, having a more environmental policy towards our future, our infrastructure and health the industry is expected to reach $65 billion by 2020. This will facilitate more market opportunities for Bangladesh as they have already captured a significant portion of this sector in Europe.

Manufacturing such a transport vehicle although looks simple is actually a very complex process where every part requires careful attention and skill. With new technology being implemented in the production process and requiring skilled workforce in every aspect of the production stage this is a huge potential for the country.

Majority of the parts and raw materials need to be imported and having different options is necessary. Utilizing innovative technology and recycling ensures that access to raw materials can come locally and this will further strengthen the manufacturing base.