Its used as a shelter from outside elements, its use diverse across all regions and cultures, its still the most preferred way to easily use as a shelter. With an ever more interest in using makeshift shelter, tents are going to make huge impact on the global market.

Tents are used in various different circumstances, whether its use for outdoor travelling, for working, or moving from one place to another. It needs to be versatile for use across all weather, environment conditions, it also need to be strong, durable, yet lightweight.

Most tents use cotton, nylon, and polystyrene. Each material being used has its advantages and disadvantages but it needs to be used according to the temperature and weather requirements. Being water resistant is extremely important, otherwise using a tent is futile, it needs to have the right material to repel water also at the same time prevent condensation from the inside.

Insulation is another key factor for choosing the right material for the tent, it needs to keep the temperature constant across very frigid and cold regions where during the night the temperature drops drastically.

Making tents have gained momentum in the manufacturing sector of Bangladesh, already renowned for the products in the RMG sector establishing new products like tents and sleeping bags will ensure diversity in the flourishing industry.

With a strong global demand and rise in tourism, there is ever more opportunity to fill such a niche gap in the textile sector. Having already the stable workforce, machinery, and trading partners the industry needs to quickly fill new niches and diversify the sector to create more opportunities.