Its used as a shelter from outside elements, its use diverse across all regions and cultures, its still the most preferred way to easily use as a shelter. With an ever more interest in using makeshift shelter, tents are going to make huge impact on the global market. Tents are used in various different circumstances, … Continue reading Tent


A fairly simple instrument that propels movement towards a destination. It is extremely popular ever more, with its long history, durability, and technological innovation the bicycle is an innovative transport vehicle that is here to stay. There has been a surge in demand for bicycles mainly due to people being more conscious about the environment … Continue reading Bicycle


In this digital age of mankind we are surrounded with various gadgets, devices, we use the latest technology for transport, to access healthcare, to power our homes. To do this we need electrical energy, and electricity can be provided in various ways. Powering our infrastructure is mostly done from power stations that provide electricity through … Continue reading Battery