Letter of Credit

In the global landscape people have come up with innovative ways to figure out solutions, interact with one another, provide efficient mechanism to run our system. Letter of credit aims to do exactly that by providing global payment solutions for industries. People earlier in time had traded before, despite not having access to modern amenities. … Continue reading Letter of Credit


Whenever goods are transported to be sent overseas it needs to go through customs. Both the exporter as well as the importer will need to clear the items from customs. Each country and region has different regulations for what items that can be exported or imported. For the manufacturer preparing the goods to be exported … Continue reading Customs

Generalized Scheme of Preference

In a world where it is becoming more globalized due to technology, communication, demand for products have never been so important. While certain nations have implemented this policy which allowed them to develop quicker sadly other nations have been left behind. To ensure that people across the world have access to the global market, there … Continue reading Generalized Scheme of Preference