Denim Expo

Denim a product that conjures images of blue jeans, vibrant materials fitted with metallic buttons made to last a lifetime. It's legacy has spread throughout the world, renowned for its durable material, bright color and quality. Bangladesh has established itself to be a premier manufacturing place for denim products. It is one of the largest … Continue reading Denim Expo

Promote your Company

If you would like your company to be featured on our platform where people around the world will be able to know about your organization then this is the place to be. Let people know about your organization, what products that are being made, where it is located, how it is made. People can tell … Continue reading Promote your Company

Export Processing Zone

In order for foreign investors to invest in industries the export processing zones (EPZ) have been set up by the government to facilitate foreign investment and development of the industrial sector. Foreign investors, entrepreneurs, want to feel safe for their investment in any environment. They want assurance of their goals, projects, safety and security to … Continue reading Export Processing Zone