Whenever goods are transported to be sent overseas it needs to go through customs. Both the exporter as well as the importer will need to clear the items from customs. Each country and region has different regulations for what items that can be exported or imported. For the manufacturer preparing the goods to be exported … Continue reading Customs

KPC Paper Cup

Paper cups we use it everywhere whether in the home, office, or parties it's ease of use and disposable properties makes it the most suitable choice. With an ever increasing urban population and growing consumption we often have to rethink about our lives that takes into consideration of our environment. When people work with nature … Continue reading KPC Paper Cup

Plastic waste to PET strap

It is through innovation that we are able to solve many problems that our world faces, from climate change to environmental pollution. One incredible way that humans have been able to resolve the massive plastic waste is through recycling. Recycling Plastic There are literally millions of tons of plastic lying around the world, from oceans … Continue reading Plastic waste to PET strap